My original, unpublished, set of Babylon 5 Station blueprints was created in 1996 and consisted of 9 black & white sheets measuring 8-1/2" x 30" in the same format as the original Franz Joseph Enterprise prints. These were not picked up by any publisher. In 2003 I re-tooled the set and began self-publishing on eBay. Click on an image to see a larger version. These blueprints may be available for collectors on eBay or iOffer.

Sheet 1 is a profile view of the station. There is a great deal of file line work in this view that does not come out at this resolution.

Sheet 2 is an overhead view. This gives a good look at the non-rotating spine of the station.

Sheet 3 shows what the support spine would look like if you removed the rotating habitat section.

Sheet 4 shows fore and aft views. There is considerable detail on the fore view showing the docking area.

Sheet 5 shows detail of Blue Section and the Cobra Bay Arms

Sheet 6 shows what I have decided is the communications array.

Sheet 7 details the JumpGate and tells about its operation and limitations.

Sheet 8 details three views of the Starfury fighter. These images were hand drawn by me back in the 90's, I have seen more detailed prints offered by Kennedy Shipyards.

Sheet 9 contains more detail on the Starfury fighters.