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Moonbase Alpha

Space 1999 Certificate of Lunar Citizenship

Personalized with your name.

Certificate is 8-1/2" x 11" and is printed on acid-free paper. Shipped rolled.

Here is a transcript of what appears on the certificate:

This certificate granting lunar citizenship has been awarded to

Your Name Here

In recognition of the work you have done towards making Moonbase Alpha prosperous and self-sufficient. As mankind reaches to the stars, this Moonbase can only increase in size and mission. The entire staff of Moonbase Alpha thank you for your contributions.

When ordering, please state the name you want as a note in the PayPal note field. Orders that do not state a name will be sent with that line blank

Price is $8.00 per certificate, with free shipping  in the USA

Any certificates ordered will be shipped well-protected by First Class Mail