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Star Trek Kobayashi Maru Certificate of Completion

Personalized with your name.

Certificate is 8-1/2" x 11" and is printed on acid-free paper. Shipped rolled.

Here is a transcript of what appears on the certificate:

This certificate is awarded to

Your Name Here

for the completion of the Kobayashi Maru Command Training Exercise. This exercise is a test of character, there are no winners. You have shown the resolve and courage to knowingly enter a no-win situation in order to uphold the values and basic tenants of the United Federation of Planets.

When ordering, please state the name you want as a note in the PayPal note field. Orders that do not state a name will be sent with that line blank

Price is $8.00 per certificate, with free shipping  in the USA

Any certificates ordered will be shipped by First Class Mail