Science Fiction Links


Science Fiction Blueprint Links is one of the best sources for Star Trek Blueprints. This site has detailed  scans of many old and new prints. If I had to chose only one web site to be my source it would be this one. is the website of Eric Kristiansen, a very talented and prolific illustrator. His website includes hundreds of blueprints. Check him out. is the website of one of the founding fathers of Star Trek illustrations. This site provides eye candy showing many of the movies and television shows he has worked on.

Bad Movies Links is a great way to waste a few hours, especially if you are a Godzilla fan. is the location of "And You Call Yourself A Scientist", offering very detailed analysis of many science fiction movies with a spin towards scientifically accuracy. is the looniest bunch of movie reviewers you will ever run across. Mutant Reviewers From Hell offers several opinions for each movie reviewed. Bad Cinema Diary offers thousands of short movie reviews. Check out the e-books, especially the Godzilla & Pals book. is an entertaining source of science fiction movie reviews.


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