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Lost in Space Original Series Checklist Poster

Lost in Space Checklist Poster

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Poster is 17" x 22" and is printed on acid-free paper. Shipped rolled.

All 84 episodes, including pilot, shown in order and listing the broadcast date.

You rate the episodes from 1 (Terrible) to 5 (Excellent) in the space provided next to each episode. That's right, you decide if "The Great Vegetable Rebellion" is better or worse than "West of Mars". (My son breaks into hysterical laughter whenever he sees the carrot-man.) Frankly, I love them all, watched every day after school as a child.

The color of the border tells you the broadcast season:

Green is season 1
Orange is season 2
Fushia is Season 3
Lets see how much you remember:

1) In the un-aired pilot episode the spaceship was not called the Jupiter II. What was the original name of the spaceship?

2) In the pilot, the ship was shown to only have one single deck, yet when the series started a lower living area had been added. In what episode was the Jupiter II shown to have a third, lower deck which functioned as an engine room?

3) What two regular series characters were absent from the original pilot?

4) Does the robot have a name?

5) What fuel powers the main engines of the Jupiter II?

6) Who is Tybo?

7) Here is an easy one: where was the Jupiter II originally headed?

8) Both the Lost-In-Space robot and the robot from the movie “Forbidden Planet” (Robbie) were designed by Robert Kinoshita, but you already knew that. What two episodes of Lost In Space featured Robbie?

9) Who are the only two regular cast members to appear in every episode of all three seasons?

10) What was the fictional government agency that oversaw the planetary colonization missions and the launching of the Jupiter II?

Fans will love it as a colorful reference of their favorite show. The poster would make an excellent distraction in a waiting room or doctor's office (the detail would take your mind off your root canal, etc.)

Poster measures 17" x 22" and is professionally printed on #100 gloss-coated paper. Poster is shipped rolled in a sturdy tube for maximum protection. I am working on an entire series of Episode Checklist Posters for your favorite Science Fiction shows.


1) Gemini 12

2) Space Creature

3) Dr. Smith and the Robot

4) Yes and no; While never spoken in the series, the packing crate the robot emerged from in “Time Merchant” was labeled “ONE General Utility Non-Theorizing EnvironmentalROBOT”  and the robot has been referred to as “B-9”.

5) Deutronium, a volatile, clear liquid.

6) Leader of the Vegetable planet in “The Great Vegetable Rebellion”.

7) A planet orbiting Alpha Centauri.

8) Episodes 1-20 "War of the Robots", 3-1 "Condemned of space".

9) Jonathan Harris and Mark Goddard.

10) Alpha Control

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