Starbase 79 Posters

UFO Original Series Checklist Poster

UFO Television Series

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Poster is 17" x 22" and is printed on acid-free paper. Shipped rolled.

All 26 episodes shown in the recommended viewing order.

You rate the episodes from 1 (Terrible) to 5 (Excellent) in the space provided next to each episode. That's right, you decide if "Ordeal" (my least favorite) is better or worse than "The Square Triangle". I love them all.

Lets see how much you remember:

1) What character on the Captain Scarlet series was voiced by Ed Bishop?
2) Who was the commander of Moonbase in the early episodes?
3) Here's and easy one: in what year does the series take place ?
4) What Gerry Anderson 1968 movie provided many of the futuristic autos and props recycled into the UFO series?
5) How did SkyDiver Captain Carlin become associated with SHADO?
6) UFO only ran for one season, but plans were drawn up for an expanded second season.
Many of these ideas were eventually used as the basis for what other Gerry Anderson show?

7) Why were UFO's trying to sink a Navy Destroyer in the episode "Destruction"?
8) Why did the women on Moonbase wear tin foil miniskirts and metallic blue/purple wigs?
9) Which episode shows the behind-the-scenes of the UFO television set?
10) How many years are spanned in the pilot episode, "Identified"?
Very few people here in Minnesota remember the UFO show, it must not have run here during the original syndication, but I have discovered several fans and closet Trekkies because of these posters. Each episode is represented by three iconic images which are sure to stir your memory.

Fans will love it as a colorful reference of their favorite show. The poster would make an excellent distraction in a waiting room or doctor's office (the detail would take your mind off your root canal, etc.)

Poster measures 17" x 22" and is professionally printed on #100 gloss-coated paper. Poster is shipped rolled in a sturdy tube for maximum protection. I am working on an entire series of Episode Checklist Posters for your favorite Science Fiction shows.

I do not sell at conventions, but I would entertain dealer inquires.


1) Col. Blue  
2) Gay Ellis
3) 1980
4) "Doppleganger" (Journey to the Far Side of the Sun)
5) His sister was abducted by a UFO several years earlier
6) Space 1999
7) Because it was carrying a deadly nerve gas that could kill all life on Earth
8) I don't know why, but I am really thankful they did!
9) "Mindbender"
10) Ten years from the car crash until SHADO escorts the SST carrying the new space detection system.

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Any poster ordered will be shipped  well-protected rolled-up in a tube by First Class Mail