Babylon 5 Station Blueprints
My original, unpublished, set of Babylon 5 Station blueprints was created in 1996 and consisted of 9 black & white sheets measuring 8-1/2" x 30" in the same format as the original Franz Joseph Enterprise prints. These were not picked up by any publisher. In 2003 I re-tooled the set and began self-publishing on eBay. I offer on this website low-resolution JPEG scans of those new pages for you to view. Click on the cover artwork at the right to go to the index.

These blueprints are not available for sale through this website. Set includes 9 sheets plus cover art, shipped rolled, not folded.

Babylon 5 Security Manual

The Babylon 5 Security Manual is the best reference I can find for the television show. I have included a low-resolution scan of all pages for your review. The high-resolution PDF page links have been disabled to save bandwidth. There is a listing of JPEG images on the inside cover page.

Click on the cover art on the right to begin.