About Me

First and foremost, I am a Science Fiction fan. I have always been an illustrator but it was not until 1984 that someone noticed. I have had dozens of blueprint sets and books published by New Eye Studio back in the 1980's and 90's (now merged with www.intergalactictrading.com ). I took several years off to focus on family but could not abandon the pencil completely. I joined eBay in 2002 as a way to offer my self-published works and re-issues of older material. It has been a pleasure to connect with over 2,000 fans who share my love for BabTrek1999Wars.

I own the domain name for Starbase79.com and AlphaControlPress.com, and use those sites to show examples of my work and offer links to various auction sites and other illustrators. It is my goal to have a generous helping of information available on this website and, if you see anything you like, conduct all ecommerce through eBay or other auction venues. (It should be noted in order to avoid confusion that I have no affiliation with the defunct publishing house that went by the name “Alpha Control Press”.) I chose the name Starbase 79 because I designed and had published a set of blueprints many years ago by that name.

My works have been published and sold through various outlets for over 24 years; many of these outlets now have stores on eBay (Intergalactic Trading, Starbase Atlanta, etc.).

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Below is a (partial) listing of my copyrighted works;

  USS Enterprise Deck Plans CD (Copyright 2007)

  USS Enterprise Bridge Manual CD (Copyright 2007)

  Space 1999 Eagle Blueprints (Copyright 2008)

  2001 A Space Odyssey Blueprints, re-release (Copyright 2008)

  2001 A Space Odyssey Blueprints (copyright 1984)

  2010 Alexi Leonov Blueprints (copyright 2003)

  2010 Alexi Leonov Blueprints (copyright 1986)

  Babylon 5 Station Blueprints, re-release (Copyright 2004)

  Science Fiction Letterheads, Series 1 CD (copyright 2007)

  Science Fiction Letterheads, Series 2 CD (copyright 2007)

  Science Fiction Letterheads, Series 1, Acid Free Paper (copyright 2007)

  Science Fiction Letterheads, Series 2, Acid Free Paper (copyright 2007)

  Science Fiction Letterheads (copyright 1986)

  Klingon D-7 Blueprints (copyright 2008)

  Klingon Bird-Of-Prey Blueprints (copyright 2008)

  Klingon Bird-Of-Prey Blueprints (copyright 2004 version)

  Klingon Bird-Of-Prey Blueprints (copyright 1985 version)

  Klingon K’Tinga Blueprints (Copyright 2008)

  U.S.S. Hornet Blueprints (copyright 2003)

  U.S.S. Hornet Blueprints (copyright 1985)

  Galaxy Class Officers Manual (copyright 1990)

  U.S.S. Enterprise Bridge Manual (copyright 1991)

  Federation Technological Survey CD (copyright 2004)

  Federation Technological Survey (copyright

  Regula 1 Space Laboratory (copyright 2003)

  Regula 1 Space Laboratory (copyright 1986)

  U.S.S. Lynx Timeship Prototype (copyright 2003)

  U.S.S. Lynx Timeship Prototype (Copyright 1990)

  Imperial Shuttle Blueprints (copyright 1984)

  Imperial Shuttle Blueprints (copyright 2003)

  Star Fleet Tactical Database, Series 1 (copyright 1992)

  Star Fleet Tactical Database, Series 2 (copyright 1992)

  Starbase 79 Blueprints (copyright 1990)

  Starbase 79 Blueprints (copyright 2004)

  U.S.S. Enterprise Officer’s Manual, 1991 revised edition (copyright 1991)

  Starship Recognition Series 1 (copyright 2006)

  Starship Recognition Series 2 (copyright 2006)

 Drop me a line at Larry@starbase79.com