10 Shows You Should See At Least Once

 #10  -  Robinson Caruso On Mars

It is a goofy movie aimed at children, but it has a certain charm. The special effects are well done and images will stay with you long after viewing.

#9  -  Ghost In The Shell

Manga is a touchy subject, you either love it or hate it. The Ghost in the Shell series of movies and television episodes are well made and introduce complex themes that make you consider the implications of our technology. To a lesser extent the Appleseed series is entertaining because of the better visuals.


#8  -  Invader Zim

I still can’t believe Nickelodeon ran this cartoon. I wish Adult Swim would buy the rights and make more episodes.


#7  -  Split Second

This is 1992 Rutger Hauer movie where he plays the “loose cannon” cop out to catch a serial killer from hell? Or is that space? Or maybe another dimension? Oh well, it doesn’t matter. The movie is goofy fun and a guilty pleasure. Maybe because it reminds you of many other, better, movies.


#6  -  Outland

Billed as “High Noon” in outer space, it was doomed to fail. Sean Connery gives it his best attempt at playing it straight. The science is preposterous, but it is watchable and has great visual effects.


#5  -  Red Dwarf

Science fiction comedy is a tough trick to pull off. Too many in-jokes or obscure references and you alienate your audience. Red Dwarf knew exactly how to play it, even admitting in one episode where the character chose the cowardly, self-centered option; “This is not Star Trek”.  Each of the eight seasons got progressively more slapstick, but if you start at the beginning it will all make sense.


#4  -  Silent Running

What “sells” this movie is the detail of the model work and the special effects, pulled off by Douglas Trumbell. The environmental message may appear dated and the story may have plot holes wide enough to pilot a starship through, but there is no better example of science fiction filmmaking.


#3  -  Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra

A very low budget movie, made by true fans of bad 1950’s science fiction movies, especially Ed Wood’s, that made me laugh hard enough to spit milk out my nose several times. A word of warning; you have to be the correct mindframe to watch this movie. I have watched it in a serious mood and not gotten as much out of it, other times I have watched it in a somewhat more relaxed (ie: alcohol-induced) state and laughed-till-I-choked. Try it at least once.


#2  -  Zardoz

The story is sometimes overpowered by the sight of Sean Connery in a diaper, but if you can get around the ridiculous sets and costumes there is a thought-provoking story about tinkering with the human genome and where we might be headed.

#1  -  Dark Star

As far as I can tell, this might be the first attempt at science fiction comedy, at least intentional comedy. The visuals have not aged well, but when your budget is $50,000.00 what do you expect (the space suit life-support pack is made from muffin pans).

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